Tech Talk with a Side of #Medeirosing, Episode #2

Parties are more fun with people! This week I figured out how to invite guests on to Genesis Office Hours! Joining me were WordPress developers Andrew Norcross and Rob Neu, as well as business consultant and podcaster Matt Medeiros. Other than some technical difficulties with my microphone, we had a great time and hosted over 50 live viewers.

What We Talked About

Danger Will Robinson, Affiliate Link Landmines!
Some of the links in this posts are affiliate links. You’ve been warned.

The discussion was more technical than the previous episode, but that’s what happens when I invite big-brained guests on! Folks sent in questions via the Google Hangout Q&A and the chat room – I’m still trying to figure out the best venue for questions, but that’s what learning experiments are for, right?

Here were your questions about the Genesis Framework and related topics:

General Business

  • What’s been your experience in creating and launching your first Genesis child theme? How has it affected/changed/improved your business? (Tim, I didn’t give you a good answer on this. It probably warrants a full post of its own :) )
  • ManageWP anyone used that?
  • In one article, you mentioned you use both BackupBuddy and ManageWP. Why both … is one better than the other?
  • Do you charge much more for a custom theme as oppose to a theme customization?


  • Best way to set up local or online test environment / experiment with changes before going live?
  • What code editor does everyone prefer?
  • Do you ever develop without Genesis? Since I learned WP with Genesis, I wonder if I’d be lost without it.
  • Do you put everything in functions.php or in lib and include it?
  • There have been a lot of articles about the pingback DDOS problem with code to put in functions.php to fix it. Is this a good idea? Are there consequences to doing this? (referring to this post)

 Genesis Framework, Themes, and Plugins

  • I’m interested in trying Genesis framework (and others actually), but I’m reluctant to pay for it without knowing whether it will work for me. Is there any way to “try before you buy?”
  • Is your Utility theme publicly available? Yes! Right here. :)
  • When you create a child theme for a client, do you provide them with Genesis Framework via your developer license, or do you require that they buy it themselves?
  • I have had a difficult time with woocommerce template, is it okay to just remove it so genesis will display?
  • What’s the best way to modify the loop in Genesis?
  • Genesis Pro Pack: why buy this vs having client buy individual theme? Does client still buy their theme? What is the benefit of the pro pack?
  • Talk to us about the Utility theme and why it makes a good starting place for a site
  • I have a “how-to” question that came up for me yesterday….I’m using Minimum (but not Minimum Pro, I don’t think) and needed to add a background color to the header, behind the logo image. I couldn’t figure out where to do that. Where is the header background set?
  • Can anyone help with getting my custom favicon to show up on a Multisite installation. Favicon working fine till before admin login. Using custom snippet from
  • With Genesis design pallete pro, what will happen if you buy the deluxe package and then you add support for more child themes, will the current deluxe customers automatically get the new theme add-ons free?
  • Is there a big difference between the styles plugin for genesis and the design pro plugin?

From the Lost and Found Bin

These questions I missed, but found later when I scrolled back through the Q&A and chat.

  • How much should one expect to pay to create a custom theme like Winning Agent, etc.?¬†Depends on whether you’re looking for something to use on your own site or something that you’d want to distribute. Starting at a few grand on the low-end.
  • Can we release Genesis Design Palette Pro files? Not sure. Ping @norcross and ask him!
  • Coming in late, what is the link to the chatroom? Right here!
  • Why is Matt wearing a tie? :) Because he’s fancy.
  • What is your fav way/tool of creating custom post types in a client project? Depends on your comfort level. I just register my own, either in functions.php or in a separate file. I have used WP Types and Views in the past.
  • Is there a widget import-export plugin?? Give Widget Importer & Exporter a try.
  • How long does it take to create a premium Genesis Child theme? The project cycle for Winning Agent Pro was 6 months. I recently finished an interview for Matt Report Pro with Tom McFarlin talking about just this thing.
  • How do people feel about infinitewp? Is their business model sustainable? No educated opinion. :)

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